Alcohol Denat. (INCI)

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Alcohol Denatured is, chemically speaking, an organic compounds. Alcohols occur in a variety of ways.

Alcohol Denatured prevents the growth of germs and bacteria in cosmetic products. This is especially important when products have an aqueous component. So the alcohol used makes the products more durable.

    • antimicrobial
    • adstringent (contracts the skin surface)
    • improves the absorption capacity
    • viscosity regulating

Likes to be used in many products, such as in makeup, lotions, toners, eau de toilette/perfume, deodorants, after shave, skin care and dental care products.

Alcohol Denatured is a solvent, which means it helps other important ingredients in the products dissolve easily. It is used when the ingredient cannot be dissolved in an oil or water based product. An example of this is salicylic acid, the well-known and popular skin care ingredient that reduces the appearance of acne.
It is also commonly used to dissolve plant extracts that are difficult to dissolve in water. Alcohol allows for even distribution of key ingredients in the formulation.

Preservative and has an antibacterial effect.
As you probably know, alcohol is an excellent antibacterial ingredient. That’s why it’s often used in hand sanitizers, alcohol wipes and household cleaners. This can be beneficial for the skin because it reduces bacterial growth.
This benefit can also be used in skin care or cosmetic products.

Alcohol Denatured is an ingredient that can improve the penetration of other ingredients. Active ingredients, such as vitamin C, can be much better transported to the deeper layers of the skin thanks to the alcohol.

Alcohol Denatured can also be used as a thinner. This means that it dilutes the product so that it can be spread evenly and smoothly on the skin.

Is specially Denatured Alcohol bad for the skin?
The answer to this question is a little complicated. The answer depends on how you use it, what products you use it in, and your skin type and condition.

A lot of research has been done on whether alcohol in skin care products dries out the skin. When skin is dry, it tends to look old, dehydrated and flaky, so this is often an important question if you have these symptoms. Research suggests that alcohol in skin care products does minimal drying of healthy skin. This research focuses on products with normal alcohol concentrations.

However, a drying or dehydrating effect on the skin can be seen with products that have a high alcohol concentration, such as astringent toners. Fortunately, these products are relatively out of fashion, mainly because they often have a dehydrating effect. Especially if you have dry or dehydrated skin, you should therefore avoid products such as astringent toners.

The effect of Alcohol Denatured on the skin may also depend on your skin type and the health of your skin. If you have particularly sensitive, very dry or pre-damaged skin, alcohol-based products may aggravate this condition.

Is Alcohol Denatured vegan?
Yes, Alcohol Denatured is a vegan ingredient. It is derived from plant-based ingredients or occasionally produced synthetically.

If you are looking for a vegan product, you should always check with the brand and make sure that the product you are interested in is free of animal testing.

Should you avoid Alcohol Denatured?
The decision on whether or not to avoid Alcohol Denatured is not always clear cut.

It depends on your skin type – those with sensitive skin, rosacea or oily/acne-prone skin should avoid alcohol in their skincare. But it also depends on how much alcohol is in a product, which is often not easy to determine.

Should people with acne-prone skin avoid using Alcohol Denatured?
In general, alcohol-based products with high concentration should be used sparingly and with low frequency. Therefore, these products are more suitable for spot treatments and occasional toners.

Products with a lower concentration are generally well suited for most skin types.

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